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Mayhem Justice Sticker: Red

$ 2.50 $ 5.00


Represent Mayhem Justice with their New Limited Edition Signature 2022 CrossFit Games Sticker. Who is Team Justice? #GAMESBOUND. Easily the youngest of the three Mayhem teams with an average age of 23 compared to Independence (26) and Freedom (30). They might be young but don't sleep on this team.

Follow the athletes here:
Ben Davidson - Instagram here.
Seth Stovall - Instagram here.
Anniston Sudhoff- Instagram here.
Jessica Kalagian - Instagram here.

Product Details

  • High quality sticker
  • Design: Justice, Justice Lion, Davidson, Stovall, Sudhoff, Kalagian, Games 2022
  • Color: Red, White, Blue


  • 3" x 3.30"